Thursday, March 22, 2007

What I Feel

I dunno what Im feeling today happy, sad, missing, hate, selfish or just lonely. Living my life like this could kill me, it wont take long time tho, maybe until Im 35 or 40. Sad eh? I just like, losing my way, losing motivation, losing all I got and the most sad is Im losing my grip cant take it much longer. This post about today when I was facing with my X.

Well, after more than 3 years I finally could see her, face to face but not as clear as you think. She was on the same bus with me, she was wearing orange shirt with black pants. 10 minutes before, I was thinking of her on the same bus and reach her when she wanted to get on the bus. But, the truth she took the front door so it never happened and I was sitting at the back door

I barely, couldnt she her eyes. I was preteding not to see her, my hands were shaking, my heart was beating fast. I dunno what I was doing, everything around me seemed so dark all I can see was her. I was wondering did she look at me or not ? She got off the bus at Cilandak intersection, she walked toward me and we were looking each other like we were strangers.

Im not trying to open the old scar, but I just want share what I felt today and it was shocking me. Hey, if I just could turn back time. I would go back 4 years when I was with her, I would treat her better, care her, love her and trust her. Maybe this is the reason latety Im so bad mood, Im missing her maybe.


This topic came from my friend out there, he dont want to put his name here. So, shall we start.

This topic about, truthly I dunno what this all about. So, here is the problem. This guy had met a girl, and he tried to know her better. He also told me that he had a wonderful momment with the girl, but he just knew that she is not it. So, he decided to find other 'soul mate'. And what a day for him, that girl 'caught' him with new girl. He told me that, he already said sorry to her but the girl wont accept his appologize.

And what's bother him is, "there were no relation between them, he just want to know her. Why she was so mad at him ?". Well maybe all of you out there have had this kinda situation. Let us be clear, this is not about the gender. Its about feeling, which is totally wrong perception about someone who makes a move on you.

So, I said to him, women are fragile. They are easily wounded, even words can tear them apart. I learn so much from my mistakes, that women need their status or they will vanish. That's what I've been through all these time. Sometimes I got the same spot like his girl, sometimes at his spot. Well to be honest I dont like both spots, both are annoying.

Well, like it or not shall we share our experiences and stories about this ... Just put your comments here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First Post

My First post at this blog. First of all this blog dedicated to people seriously in love or seriously have problems with love or their couple. And I just want to start things with this blog, like why there are so much differences between man and woman or boy and girl. So why dont we start ? Just spit your comments here ...

Just feel free to put what kinda topic we want to talk about.